Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hi guys,

I haven't blog once this week, but it's been quite crazy around here for me, as it was my last week in Nantes. I had classes and exams that kept me away from all the cool stuff like taking pictures, going shopping and making new layouts. Then yesterday was moving day, and I am now back in Paris for... 2 days! Crazy week I told you! I'll be heading to London on Monday for a one week seminar at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art (yay!) with the rest of my class. I've already been to London once and loved it and even did a mini album that you can see here. This time I'm gonna try and take less touristic pictures and more of little details and everyday shoot. I have an Intagram account that you can follow if you want, my username is @alinor89 !

In the meantime, I'm spending this entire week-end doing crafts and scrapbooking, I'll share pictures tomorrow but here's a little sneak peek just for you:


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