Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hi guys,

I thought i'd start a new mini-album this week but I still havn't printed a single picture (do any of you have tips on ordering iPhone/Instagram photos btw?) so it's probably gonna wait a little more...

Anyway, yesterday was a busy busy day, I baby-sitted for my sister all evening (she's the proud mamma of a 4 months old little man) and of course i took some photos that I'll probably put into a mini album I'll give to her. 

In the meanwhile, I found on my scrapbook stuff an old art journal that I never completed. It's called Neverland (by Elsie from A Beautiful Mess) and it's filled with pretty pattern of sirens, sea, pirates and other Peter Pan related stuff. Peter Pan was one of my favorite stories growing up so I couldn't resist buying it but at the time I had no photos to match it with. But I now found the perfect ones (from a perfect day at the beach in Pornichet plus a few shot of Nantes). I'm gonna start working on it today and then share the pictures here as soon as it's done.

For those of you who are curious, heres a few things that were on the kit :

You can find more here !

Have a great day,

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