Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hiiii everyone!

I am one hundred percent exhausted and can no longer feel my feet... I'll tell you all about these crazy last two weeks this week end! What I can tell you is that tomorrow will be my very last day of school in France ever!! Feeling all sorts of different things right now (but it sure is exciting!)

My birthday was just a few days ago, just turned 23, and as my sister likes to say it, my twenties will soon be long gone (she's just jealous because she's older than me ^^) so I better enjoy every minutes of it, and trust me I'm planning on doing so in the months to come, starting with lots of trips (Spain, Portugal and Canadaaa to start!) which means lots of photos and of course scrapbook pages!!!

Just two days ago I received a giant package from Two Peas from the order I placed a couple weeks ago (it took forever to arrive in France!!) and oh surprise there was two packages, including one filled with a pack gift I won on Two Peas during NSD (on a blog hop, not even for the bigger challenges!). Let me tell you that they're crazy generous! I got the entire 'Times & Seasons' kit from Echo Park (including an awesome pp filled with little mustaches, just loving it!), some other cool papers, thicker alphas, die cuts and a stamp. I did a quick photo before starting to open everything, sorry for the poor quality!

And also a little photo of my order with looots of papers (the one I had were very old so I seriously needed new ones), washi tapes, alphabets (5 of them haha still addicted!), some tools, chipboards from the Boarding Pass collection by October Afternoon and 3 border sticker sets from Crate Paper (from various of their actual collections)... Most of the embellishments I use on my pages are paper (sitckers, die cuts and chipboard) so it's a great investment. Love everything I bought and can't wait to start playing with it!! 

This post is getting quite long and my eyes I starting to close so I'm just gonna leave you with a sneak peek of my latest layout (I went home too late tonight to take a good picture of the entire layout), starring the border sticker elements from Crate Paper (from the Paper Heart collection on this one)
As you can see, one of the sticker is a 'love meter', with a scale from 1 (like) to 20 (true love), isn't this the cutest ?? 

See you tomorrow for the entire layout, I'm off to sleeep...

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hi there!

Just popping by to share a new layout, and the starting point I used to do it!

A pretty simple base, as always. and here's how it turned out to be:

Funny fact: the background paper is a gorgeous sheet from My Mind's eyes which A side is filled with butterflies (here) that I intended to use but somehow this lovely B side of a light black and cream just worked very well with my photo so... bye bye butterflies!

Have a lovely day,

Friday, May 25, 2012


Hello there!!

Sorry for this week of complete silence, it's been a very busy but exciting week for me (more on this this week end!), but I took some time yesterday night to do one layout about the three things I loved most during my trip to London: cupcakes, the National Gallery and Musicals!

Here's the layout, very different from my usual style (I've definitely never put soo much on a page before)

Have a lovely day,

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hello everyone!

A promise is a promise, here are two new layouts!

Quite a simple base for this one, just like I love them. To balance the simplicity and the lack of many embellishments, I went for a very long title with lots of different alphabets. The sentence is actually from a song by Ralph McTell.

For this second layout I left my comfort zone and used a very dark background (in other words, a black cardstock) then went for a blue/green/purple combo inspired by one of the patterned paper. lots of butterfly (I'm truly addicted). Also used one of my clear stamp ('adventure'), I have lots of them but basically never use them, need to work on that!

Have a lovely evening,

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hello again!

So sorry I can't show you my second layout today :( It's been real stormy this afternoon in Paris, and beside the lightnings, there was not enough light for me to take a decent picture. So instead, I went to the movies and saw Moonrise Kingdom, the new Wes Anderson movie! It's was everything I expected, funky and funny! I looove the 60's and little scouts are so cute (never been one, but I'd really love for my 'future' kids to be, seems so great!) and if you do too I can only recommend it to you (although I have no idea if it's been released in every country at the same time). Little thing to know about me, cinema is my big passion so I could talk to you about this movie fooorever, but I'll try not to, promise :)

On a more scrapbooking note, here's just a little peak of what I'm working on tonight:

More tomorrow!


Hello, the week end is here !! Hope you're all enjoying it!

I had plenty of free time yesterday so I did two extra layouts, and here's the first one:

It's based on a sketch by the Hitchhiker guide to scrapbooking which I follow, a little, and then changed a few things, like the number of photos and the placement of the title (told you, I'm no good at following a sketch :p)
i used a gorgeous brown on brown polka dots paper from BoBunny (I also bought it in pink and blue, it's so lovely), some washi tape and some old letter stickers ('view') that I truly love but never seem to be able to use. But it's great with the photos I took in London I think!

That's it for now, I'll be back later today to share the other layout.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello there!

I've started a few layouts with the bunch of photos from my London trip. As it was only for a week and a scholar seminar rather than a touristic holiday, I didn't took my camera with me, but only my Iphone. I was a bit concerned the quality wouldn't match with my usual pictures, but after receiving a few the other day, I'm no longer concerned, some shots are just a good as with my camera. It was a bit harder with all the pictures taken under light low and I need to go and see if some app is adapted to this light (I'm mostly using Camera + and Instagram). Also the weather wasn't that great that week and at first my photos turned really grey so I decided to have a little fun and play with all the filters available on Camera +, Instagram and Pixlromatic, which gave me plenty of really fun photos, very different than my usual landscape shot, but I love them 

For my first London layout I chose one of those picture, taken during a city cruise along the Thames. The sky was real cloudy but all in all very lovely, and I think it's by far more interesting than a simple blue sky :)

This layout is very special to me because I decided for the first time to include handwritten journaling. I'm not much of the journaling type, and even less handwritten, but when looking back at some pages I felt very sad than beside the title and subtitle, there was no special memory shared so I decided to give it a try. I definitely have mixed feelings about it, I'm glad I shared a story and will remember what this picture really meant to me but at the same time I'm really no fan of my writing and some part of me is pretty convinced that it kinda ruins the layout... I think I need to keep working on that!

Anyway I'll try not to bore you any longer, so here's the layout, in two steps:
Step 1: the mess

 Step 2: the layout

Have a great day
Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hi there, hope your week is going great!

I'm on holiday this week so I have plenty of time to scrapbook and reorganize my craft space (I'll probably share a few pictures later this week). I just received a bunch of photos + some gorgeous new papers from My Mind's Eye and the Dear Lizzy collection, they're lovely 

This week-end I started an online class taught by Shimelle Laine (by now you know how much she inspires me)called The Hitchhiker's Guide to scrapbooking (it's on Two Peas in a Bucket) and it is all about inspiration, how to find it and in the middle of that, how to find your own style. I'm lovin' it so far, I've been through the pdf and videos like crazy (it's just like buying a new magazine, I need to read it all right now) but i need to go back to each one, take on the challenges and all. 
One of the great tips in the class is to use starting points to scrapbook, I find it a great alternative to sketches (I just can't follow a sketch, I feel way to limited with this process), but using starting points just gives me the kick I need to start and then it's all up to me to make the layout mine.

Here's the starting point I use for my last layout (it's actually a direct scraplift of one of Shimelle's LO in the class)

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry, my camera is down so my phone got to do it for now. So the base of the layout is 3 squares, one 12x12, then 10x10 and 8x8. I used two different shades of blue cardstock and one yellow polka dot pp. Then I added one horizontal strip to link it all, with one border on top and below. From there it was all up to me, and here's the final result:

In my album, this LO will go directly next to the When in Rome Lo (you can see it here) so I needed some harmony between the 2, but I ran out of all the papers I used on the first LO, so I used the embellishment as a common link (the washi tapes with a circle and a butterfly on top are similar in the 2 layouts). 

So that was the last layout of my trip to Rome, and I'm pretty proud that I used only old supplies to make this one, the temptation is always HUGE to go & play with the beautiful new one but I have just so much papers and letters I never used...

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hello !

Lately I've been really inspired by a series of videos on Two Peas starring Glitter girl, who is actually Shimelle, an english scrapbooker whom style I simply love! The concept is that each week is posted a scrapbook video to help us face one problem at a time, like how to use themed papers, customize embellishments and much more. I love those videos and especially the latest one 'Kit me up' that you can see here. This week challenge was to assemble a kit and then to do one or several layouts with it, without using anything other than the kit. I always have trouble deciding what to use and change my mind way too much, so this was a great challenge to me.

Here's the kit I assembled:

I chose some new supplies like the green papers, the alphabets and dots, and then some very old that I never got to use like the red & bird paper, some Love Elsie gel stickers and those cute die cuts of a fawn and a rabbit. 

And here's the final layout:

I definitely love the brown and light green mix! And I think it's the first of my new layouts that I really like, so thanks a lot to Glitter Girl!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hi there, hope you're having a great week-end!

I did a layout last week but wasn't very pleased with it so it just stayed on the pile for a week, waiting for... I didn't know what. I spent yesterday in Nantes for an oral exam and as I had lots of time before taking the train back home I did a little détour to La Fée du Scrap, a nice scrapbooking shop in Nantes. As I'm currently planning a biiig order on Two Peas I behave myself and only peaked a few things I really liked or know I wouldn't find on Two Peas. Here's a peak :

Some papers (including a beautiful yellow chevron from Echo Park), alphabets (four of them, I'm kinda addicted to them), little pearl dots that you'll see more in a few second and some beautiful washi tapes (they have a great selection!), I litteraly felt in love with the chevron washi tape from Queen & Co  ♥

Back to the layout now. I scrapbooked a picture of my sweet nephew. The photo wasn't supposed to print like that as it is originally a square picture but something went wrong and I received this little rectangle format instead. But my nephew is still the cutest and I kinda liked it this way so why not ?
As I just told you I didn"t like the first version of my layout as it felt very unfinished so I went back this morning and added some details : the subtitle with brown sticker letters, those brown/gold pearl dots for a bit more unity in the title and adhesive crystals on all the butterflies. Here's the finished layout:
Isn't he the cutest ?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hello to you!

I'm enjoying this rainy week by doing lots of crafts and scrapbooking, which feels very good. The upside of not doing any scrapbook for the last 2 years is that I seriously lack of new materials and can only work with old scraps. But this is kind of a challenge in itself so I'm cool with it for now (although I have to confess I'm planning on ordering quite a few stuff from two peas in a few weeks ^^).

In the meantime, here's a new layout with a picture of my sister and I during our trip to Rome.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Here's a little layout I did yesterday to celebrate the NSD, still with photos from my trip to Roma. 

And a little zoom to see the details:


Hello everyone!

I'm back from London where I spend an amazing week with my class. I walked so much in a week I'm still aching ^^ but it was all worth it : we visited tons of museums in galleries (and yet the National Gallery remains my all time favorite!), enjoyed the local food (a lot), went to see two musicals (Wicked and Singin' in the rain) and all I can say is I wish I saw them all it was extraordinary !!!
Here's a few pictures of my week:

Did you guys ever went to London ? What did you love most?