Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello there!

I've started a few layouts with the bunch of photos from my London trip. As it was only for a week and a scholar seminar rather than a touristic holiday, I didn't took my camera with me, but only my Iphone. I was a bit concerned the quality wouldn't match with my usual pictures, but after receiving a few the other day, I'm no longer concerned, some shots are just a good as with my camera. It was a bit harder with all the pictures taken under light low and I need to go and see if some app is adapted to this light (I'm mostly using Camera + and Instagram). Also the weather wasn't that great that week and at first my photos turned really grey so I decided to have a little fun and play with all the filters available on Camera +, Instagram and Pixlromatic, which gave me plenty of really fun photos, very different than my usual landscape shot, but I love them 

For my first London layout I chose one of those picture, taken during a city cruise along the Thames. The sky was real cloudy but all in all very lovely, and I think it's by far more interesting than a simple blue sky :)

This layout is very special to me because I decided for the first time to include handwritten journaling. I'm not much of the journaling type, and even less handwritten, but when looking back at some pages I felt very sad than beside the title and subtitle, there was no special memory shared so I decided to give it a try. I definitely have mixed feelings about it, I'm glad I shared a story and will remember what this picture really meant to me but at the same time I'm really no fan of my writing and some part of me is pretty convinced that it kinda ruins the layout... I think I need to keep working on that!

Anyway I'll try not to bore you any longer, so here's the layout, in two steps:
Step 1: the mess

 Step 2: the layout

Have a great day

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