Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hello again!

So sorry I can't show you my second layout today :( It's been real stormy this afternoon in Paris, and beside the lightnings, there was not enough light for me to take a decent picture. So instead, I went to the movies and saw Moonrise Kingdom, the new Wes Anderson movie! It's was everything I expected, funky and funny! I looove the 60's and little scouts are so cute (never been one, but I'd really love for my 'future' kids to be, seems so great!) and if you do too I can only recommend it to you (although I have no idea if it's been released in every country at the same time). Little thing to know about me, cinema is my big passion so I could talk to you about this movie fooorever, but I'll try not to, promise :)

On a more scrapbooking note, here's just a little peak of what I'm working on tonight:

More tomorrow!

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  1. Beautiful colors...I can't wait to see the finished page!!