Friday, June 22, 2012


Hi everyone!

It's been kinda sunny here today, for the first time since... well I don't even remember but let's just say that my spring looked a lot like Autumn in Paris :/ Just made me realize how much blue or grey skies can determine how you feel. Haven't been doing much lately but since I am so not letting this summer pass without me doing anything I just signed up for a Summer online class over on Kara Haupt's blog. I remember looking at her photos and crafts a few years ago & already lovin' them, people so creative always amazes me.

Anyway the class is called Summer of love and I'm hoping it might help bringing summer over to my place at last. The purpose of the class is to create a vintage mini book to record our Summer, plus Kara is sharing lots of photography tips to help us record our Summer. I had my camera forever but it still feels like I'm discovering new things everyday, especially when it comes to night shots!

I'm just starting but I'll share some peeks here soon. Meanwhile, here's what I've been doing today (while watching a good ol' DVD, loving summer holidays so far ;))

Enjoy your week-end!


  1. Howdy! I just left a reply to your question on my Tiger Mountain blog post. Make sure to let me know if you have any other questions : )

    Kara's Summer Of Love class is amazing! You are going to love it. I learned a lot about my camera from taking it a couple years ago. Have fun! Excited to see what you create <3