Friday, June 15, 2012

on finding inspiration

I've been reading lots of things lately about inspiration, organisation, and process to create more easily. On those points I take most of my inspiration from two very talented bloggers: Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess and Elise Blaha (there's a link to both of their blog on the right of this page). I'm truly amazed to see them post new things everyday without any post ever being totally meaningless, and all making sense together. 
I'm quite new to blogging so it's still a bit hard for me to find my rhythm and answer simple questions like 'what do I want to talk about?' 'how often?'... I considered joining an online blogging class with tips and all (Shimelle and also Elsie gave one at some point I believe) but blogging is so personal I'm not sure it would help. Instead I'm thinking a lot, taking notes everywhere and finding inspiration right from the source: the things that surrounds me. Wanna take a look?


So this is our guest bedroom/computer room where I spend most of my time if I'm not sleeping or watching a movie (these I do in my bedroom). I'm a huuuge lover of blue, apple green and purple so you can see a lot of them. 
The desk is where I do all of my scrap/craft projects but it's always filled with ongoing projects and little artworks that inspired me. At the moment there's:
- Neverland related artworks (the map and two little canvas I made a while ago, all with the Neverland Kit from Elsie)

- a Pixar print I got at my last job

- a clipboard in need of some serious decoration that I use as my washi holder (I'm always using them so it's a lot better to keep them out of my drawer and instantly reachable)

- two embroidery hoops where I put lovely inspiring fabrics (I'll tell you more about the 'let's go' one tomorrow!)
- and finally two new canvas projects on my current obsession: words! More on that tomorrow, with detailed photos and a tutorial!

Enjoy your day,

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