Monday, June 18, 2012

Product crush Monday

Helloo everyone! 

I thought I'd start this new week with a new feature here on the blog. It's called Product crush

I don't know for you, but I do love spending time on Etsy looking for the perfect items to use on my scrap and crafts or just to hang since they're just so darn pretty. I'm pretty sure you too like cute things so I figured out: why not share some of my crushes with you here! 
Some of the time it will be items i bought, some of the time just things I spent to much time looking at on my screen! 

 For the first edition, I want to talk to you about Postrgram, that i discovered very recently on the Skunkboy blog. Yet another website surfing on the Intagram wave you'll tell me? Yeah probably, but who cares? What they propose is a giant poster (wait for it) of one of your instagram photo (wait a bit more) made of your instagram feed! As I read this it sounds a bit weird, but let me tell you, it looks amazing! 

Here's the proof: 

I looove the concept and seriously want one, except my instagram account is still a work in progress so I'll have to wait a bit more (but I have a lot of picture taking coming ahead in the months to come as the BIG trip is coming in sight ;) ) 

So that was my product crush for this Monday, hope you'll tell me what you think of it!

Xo, Alinor
note: those posts are not sponsored posts. Just things that i liked and wanted to tell you about ;)


  1. I want one!! That looks awesome!

  2. How fun! :)
    I don't have enough instagrams at this time, but maybe someday :)

  3. How very cool! I can see a huge poster of my grandson. I guess I need to get busy with my instagrams!