Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sooooooo I havn't blogged in quite some time, not that I didn't feel like it but simply for lack of time. I'll try & do better from now on :s

Anyway, the reasons that have kept me away are all happy ones so I guess it's no big deal as long as everyone's happy :D

May and June have been full of cool new stuff like:

1. A Summer school at l'Ecole du Louvre (it's a museology/art history school right next to... The Louvre). It's been greaaat, I'm majoring in cultural management but more from an economic/business perspective so I learned tons of new things and got to see some beautiful and inspiring places, here are a few pics:

2. Bachelorette party. My sister is getting married in July and as her sister/bridesmaid I got to throw her a party that took me some time to plan. I went for Barcelona as our destination because of the fun/sunny/cheap combo of this great city. Plus it's not that far from home. Hence the reason of my absence last week, I was to busy having fun in Barcelona :p. We took lots of pictures and I think I'm gonna do some regular scrapbook pages for my album but also a mini book that I will give to my sister as a little memory present. Here are some pics:

That's it for today, things should be a little quieter from now on and I have a ton of craft projects ahead so I should be back real soon!

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