Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Yesterday was kind of an awesome day with completely unpredicted things happening and leading to an extraordinary night. With two of my friends we get to go to the Premiere of Woody Allen's new movie: To Rome with Love and he was here to tell us a bit about the movie and make some funny jokes (I'm completely subjective here as Woody Allen is sort of my hero & by far favorite movie director!) The premiere was full for at least two weeks but we somehow managed to get three tickets from Twitter and the movie theater director that my friend randomly met in the morning.So that was awesome, magical and all and left me in a very good and creative mood as all of his movies do!

So I'm dedicating this day to craft and I'm first gonna share with you how I did the covers of my Summer book for the Summer of love class by Kara.

For the front cover i took the back cover of the book because this one was completely blue with no writing on it, and since i didn't want to recover it with paper it was perfect. I decided to call my book 'Summer love' but wanted to stress on the love aspect so what i did first was handstiched a yellow heart on the cover. The process is very simple:
1) draw a heart on your cover
2) make the holes (easier that trying to figure it out from behind after)
3) handstich!

Once this done i wrote my title with two different set of letter stickers then moved on to the bottom of the cover. I chose two pieces of papers & two washi tapes then arranged them till i was satisfied. To add a little volume i made little folds with the pink washi tape to give this cute 'wave' effect. Finally i put the year and that was it! 
Here are the pictures:

For the inside i used the same pink washi tape and made a simple frame. I knew i wanted to use this lovely 'this book belongs to' sticker that i have had forever but never used, but since it was very flat i felt like i needed more volume so i went through my embellishment stash and found this Love, Elsie photo frame which colors were perfect for this book! All I add to do left was add my name and this cute blue dot for an extra pop! 
Here's the final result: 

That was quite a long post, so I'll be back later to show you the back cover process!


  1. Gorgeous! I love the stitched yellow heart, especially the way the bright yellow pops against the blue background! x

  2. that looks awesome!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. LOVE your Summer Love cover! The hand stitching adds a really unique and lovely detail... and that book belongs to tag is great! I am really enjoying see your process, thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I LOVE how you made the cover.