Saturday, June 30, 2012



Not much scrapbook related news to share with you today, except that i ordered a bunch of new pictures so new layouts are definitely on the way!
This has been quite a good week, summer somehow seems on its way to Paris, i can even see bits of blue sky today! It's also been a crafty week, my sister wedding is in a week and we still have some work to do this week end. Family crafting is kinda cool ;)

My summer book is also looking good, i've done a few pages already, following Kara's prompt.
I'm so used to 12x12, it's fun to work on this little format for a change! Here are the first pages of the book:

Prompt one: This book is for

Prompt two: Introduction
Have a great week end!

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  1. Beautiful! You will capture so many wonderful memories.