Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A while ago i told you about this awesome DIY by Elsie of a wall art made from a vintage paint. 
I don't own any paint that i would like to sacrifice so i thought of other ways to make a wall art and came up with three: 
- directly using a canvas
- covering the canvas with a first layer of paint 
- covering your canvas with a pretty paper

I've used all of these techniques and done three wall arts, based on sentences i liked or found out on Pinterest (I've got a 'quotes' board on my Pinterest if you need some extra inspiration). I used canvas of various sizes for all of them and letter stickers from my old stash (btw, that's a GREAT way to use letter stickers that you don't seem able to put on a layout).

Here's a quick DIY on how to do this:

Extra tips to make it work:
- choose stickers that are sticky enough so the paint won't go under BUT no so sticky so you won't rip your background when removing the stickers. For me that clearly was the main difficulty. Of course if you directly use the canvas as background you won't have any problem (like in the 'for like ever' canvas) but if like me you want extra color then be careful!
- if your background and paint colors are not contrasting enough, don't hesitate to draw the edges of your letters, but be careful with the pen you use, some don't do well on paint texture! 

That's it for today, hope your feeling inspired too. Please do feel free to share here your wall arts, I'm always looking for pretty things to look at ;)


  1. That is very cool! I wouldn't have known how to do it just by looking at it.

  2. These are wonderful! I can't decide which one I like best. :)

  3. Those look great! I need to do this! So fun!

  4. I love this! Think I'm going to try this with patterned paper and a layout. Thanks so much for the DIY tutorial.

  5. Très sympa et à mon avis, une chouette activité qu'on pourrait faire avec les enfants (enfin les plus grands... quoique...)