Saturday, July 28, 2012


source: Beach

Stopping by really quickly to wish you a good weekend and a lovely week. I'm off to Portugal for a week, for my nephew baptism and some quality time at the beach!

There will be no post on the blog for the coming week, but get ready for lots of layouts and summer projects when i'm back!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Good morning!

I thought i'd show you a bit more about my process while creating a layout, from start, to finish.
Today's layout is still from the Sketchbook line and made with Shimelle's class The Perfect Collection.

I created the specific starting points knowing i would use it for a two photo layout but that was pretty much it. Here's how it looked at the beginning:

With this starting point in front of me, i decided to play with some of my new Mr. Huey's. Over the last month i saw soo many scrapbooker using them but never dared doing the same. I decided to give it a try and i LOVE it!! I think they're pretty expensive though, so i'm gonna have to figure out a way to make my own!
On this layout i used light green and black mist on three different spaces.

Next step was adding the pictures and my title. I decided to mat the two pictures since my background was already very busy with lots of colors. I went for pink & black for my title.

Finally, i picked up my stickers, dots and die cuts and started embellishing the page. Pretty much all the embellishments I'm using in this album are from the Sketchbook collection, except from a few things I already had. I've been seeing a lot of 'oh hello' or 'hello there' lately, and I love it!

I decided not to add journaling for now (i'm still working on this handwriting 'issue' lol), so that was it, layout complete!(and list of supplies here)

Do you follow the same steps in the same order while scrapbooking?
Wednesday, July 25, 2012



It's getting pretty hot in Paris, and i find myself spending a looot of time inside where it's easier to breathe. And being inside means only one thing: more crafting time!

I've already completed half of my layouts from my Barcelona trip, and I'm gonna show you a new one today!

I really like this layout, probably because we had lots of fun taking those pictures in Guell park in Barcelona, and i also think that this pink woodgrain paper is pretty AWESOME!

I used another one of these cute pockets to hide a bit of journaling. The tag inside is in fact a piece of paper from the Sketchbook line that i cut into a tag, then sprayed some yellow mist and finally used the line to write my journaling. Really liking tags lately (back to the basics!)
The rest is just bits of pieces of embellishments and that's it! You can check the supplies right here.

I'll be back tomorrow with another layout, along with it's own start to finish to mix up things a bit around here!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Happy Monday, hope you're already loving this new week!

For today's product crush, we're going back to the past, to this far far away time when people send postcards over the holidays, telling their friends & family all about the places they were visiting, the fun the had and how cool it was to be away. Now you're more likely to receive an sms or if you're lucky, an e-mail. I've always loved postcards and actually bought some not to send them to people but to keep them and thus collect beautiful shots of the various places i visited.

So imagine my joy when i discovered this beautiful Etsy Shop full of hundreds of vintage postcards! It's called Bursts of Creativity and you can find pack of vintage postcards from pretty much everywhere (a lot of it is US postcards but you can pretty much find any country/state/city you like). The postcards are BEAUTIFUL and i want them all!!

The reason i'm very obsessed with those lately is this tutorial by Kara on how to make a postcard travel journal. I think it's quite a brilliant idea!

And because everything is better with pictures on it, here a some of the postcards:


Saturday, July 21, 2012


Good morning everyone!

Another hard morning after one pretty cool night at the festival. I'm now going to enjoy a calm & relaxing week-end!
Before sharing today's new layout, i wanted to thanks you all for your sweet comments, you girls always  make my day <3. It's also so great to see how many people this class, and more generally Shimelle, has inspired. The scrapbook community really is awesome!

Here's the second layout i did with the class. I really liked the starting point, and Amy's papers are so beautiful and full of colors that it didn't take much more to call this one finished. Big crush on the glitter thickers, they're absolutely perfect!

Just like before, if you wanna know what product i used, it's right here

Friday, July 20, 2012


Hi everyone!

Yesterday was a pretty cool day. The Fnac Live music festival started in Paris, and since i used to work for the Fnac (it's pretty much the same concept of store as Virgin Megastores), I got to go backstage, have fun with my friends and see Charlie Winston concert (i looove this guy and its music, even more since i saw the movie Lullaby!). I'm pretty exhausted right now but going back tonight for some more fun. In the meantime today is gonna be all about sewing and scrapbook projects.

Has i told you, i've already completed a few layouts from Shimelle's class The Perfect collection and today i'm sharing with you the first one i did, which chronologically is also the first in the album of my trip to Barcelona.

It came together pretty quickly thanks to the starting point, but I still had a great time picking the embellishments and arranging them on the layout. I'm still not convinced about my writing but i still wanted to record memories from the trip so i simply used this gorgeous little pocket and put my journaling into it. I think hidden journaling is the best alternative for me right now.
If you're curious about the products i used, you can check the page on my Two Peas account and roll to the bottom of the page for the list of product!

Have a great day and see you soon for a new layout and well maybe a new feature on the blog ;)
Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I finally did it! I picked a collection and cut it all! And let me tell you, i'm so glad i did it!

It all began a few weeks ago when i heard about Shimelle's class: The Perfect collection. The first steps of making a layout are always the hardest for me and not the most pleasant one either. I look at all my pretty papers and have no idea where to start, to afraid to make a cut and ruin it all. That can last for a very long time... Once i have my pieces, another nightmare begin: what to do with them? When i look at all the pretty pages on pinterest, blogs and forums, i always feel like my pages lack a certain unity that would make them complete. The perfect collection is exactly what i needed to solve both of these issues.

A few days ago, i took the 16 papers i had from the Sketchbook collection by Amy Tangerine, followed Shimelle's instructions, and before i knew it, i had in front of me 12 pages, or starting points to be exact, ready to be scrapped. I feel like every of this pages is very much my style and it's oh so simple to just have fun adding embellishments, title and of course my pictures! I've already completed 4 of the layouts, but that's another story ;) For now, here are all of my starting points:

Off to my next layout!
Monday, July 16, 2012

Product Crush Monday


It's been quite a while since i last blogged but i feel like i needed this time off away from my computer screen. My sister's wedding has come and gone is a flash, it was oh so fun and cool to see my entire family, dance and stop myself from crying during the ceremony. 
Since i've been scrapbooking a lot, and this is the subject of today's product crush!

A few weeks earlier, the classes of the last edition of True Scrap became available for individual purchase. Among all of the lessons, one definitely popped out because it's taught by my very favorite scrapbooker: Shimelle Laine!
The class is called 'The Perfect Collection' and it's all about getting the most out of a collection pack. If like me you sometime stare at your pretty papers forever, not daring to cut them, not knowing where to start... i'm sure you know what i mean! 
I took the class and watched the video a few times before daring using one of my beloved collection, and let me tell you: i'm so glad i did it!
I'll tell you more about my perfect collection adventure on another post, but if you want more info on the class, i encourage you to go over to Shimelle's blog, and if you feel like it, join in the fun!

ps: here's a peak at one of the layout i did with the class, can you guess which collection i used? ;)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Product crush Monday

Hello! Happy Monday to all of you!

This is gonna be a very very busy & exciting week for me, with my sister getting married and all!!! Can't wait for this week end to come, it's gonna be so much fun (& we're gonna take millions of pictures of course!!)

Anyway, to find a little peace in this madness, here's this week product crush:

This cool website purpose is to offer free art projects to people that want a little inspiration and pretty things to hang on their wall but don't always have the money to do it. Various artists of very different styles offered artworks on a pdf format so that you can download them and print them from your home.
Unfortunately the site is no longer updated but they're still lots of cute artworks waiting for your download. Here are my favorites:

Go have a look, I'm pretty sure you'll find one you love ;)
Xo, Alinor