Monday, July 23, 2012


Happy Monday, hope you're already loving this new week!

For today's product crush, we're going back to the past, to this far far away time when people send postcards over the holidays, telling their friends & family all about the places they were visiting, the fun the had and how cool it was to be away. Now you're more likely to receive an sms or if you're lucky, an e-mail. I've always loved postcards and actually bought some not to send them to people but to keep them and thus collect beautiful shots of the various places i visited.

So imagine my joy when i discovered this beautiful Etsy Shop full of hundreds of vintage postcards! It's called Bursts of Creativity and you can find pack of vintage postcards from pretty much everywhere (a lot of it is US postcards but you can pretty much find any country/state/city you like). The postcards are BEAUTIFUL and i want them all!!

The reason i'm very obsessed with those lately is this tutorial by Kara on how to make a postcard travel journal. I think it's quite a brilliant idea!

And because everything is better with pictures on it, here a some of the postcards:


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  1. That 1st post card is gorgeous.
    I have used postcards I have picked up during our trips to use as tags and I added journaling about our trip on the back :)