Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I finally did it! I picked a collection and cut it all! And let me tell you, i'm so glad i did it!

It all began a few weeks ago when i heard about Shimelle's class: The Perfect collection. The first steps of making a layout are always the hardest for me and not the most pleasant one either. I look at all my pretty papers and have no idea where to start, to afraid to make a cut and ruin it all. That can last for a very long time... Once i have my pieces, another nightmare begin: what to do with them? When i look at all the pretty pages on pinterest, blogs and forums, i always feel like my pages lack a certain unity that would make them complete. The perfect collection is exactly what i needed to solve both of these issues.

A few days ago, i took the 16 papers i had from the Sketchbook collection by Amy Tangerine, followed Shimelle's instructions, and before i knew it, i had in front of me 12 pages, or starting points to be exact, ready to be scrapped. I feel like every of this pages is very much my style and it's oh so simple to just have fun adding embellishments, title and of course my pictures! I've already completed 4 of the layouts, but that's another story ;) For now, here are all of my starting points:

Off to my next layout!


  1. I've heard so much about this class and process and I love seeing everyone's take on it. Have fun finishing up these great starting points!

  2. Great way to get going on some layouts.
    You are much braver than I am. I don't cut up my "good" paper for at least a year after I buy it, lol.

  3. Great layouts! I really enjoyed that class and cut up a collection I've had for at least 5 years. It's very liberating to cut paper like that! I will be doing this more often! :)

  4. Great starting points! It was fun wasn't it! Looking forward to how they will turn out!

  5. How cool that you have all these ready to go, the class sounds awesome!

  6. That sounds like a great class!
    I love that line by Amy Tan and you have all those great pages to work with now :)

  7. these are lovely!

    p.s. the photo into octagon tutorial should be working now (let me know if it doesn't : }

    1. thanks Carrie!
      Just watched your video, i'm off to play with photoshop ;)