Thursday, August 16, 2012


As you know, i've been taking Kara's Summer love class this summer and one of the prompt was: What is your summer word? Several came to my mind right away, but most of them could have been my 'word' any other month of the year. 
It's been 4 months since i opened the blog, 4 beautiful summer months of creating, scrapbooking, sewing, blogging, and so it came to me that the right word was creativity. Since September is coming, i thought a little review of what i've been doing here would do me good. I've tried a few different features, some have stayed, some have not, and some i'm not quite sure yet.

I could decide on my own, but since there isn't much point in being a writer if you have no reader, i'd love to have your opinion I've put on a little poll and I’d love for you to click and let me know what you think. (it should take 10 seconds, and you can choose up to 3 answers!)


  1. Fantastic summer word! I will read through your blog.
    visiting via 2 Peas


  2. I haven't seen a huge amount of your blog, but I've just flicked through the latest posts and voted on my favourites! I love your scrapbook layouts, they are really pretty. Great word! x