Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Someone yesterday asked me how i stored my flairs, so i thought i'd just show it to you.

That's the front of my desk, where i keep all the supplies i use more often, like pens, scissors & washi. My trimmer is on the left and on the right are my adhesives. 

It's really easy to buy new types of embellishments, put them in a drawer and never use them. That's why i went for little bowls, super easy to go through and cute!
The green bowl is where i keep a mix of embellishments like die cutes from my current projects.

Have a great day, I'll be back later today with a layout!
Xo, Alinor


  1. i keep my flair in a bowl on my desk too!! looks like you have some really great one!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a kind comment. i would be honored if you stopped by again sometime or even signed up to follow and i would do the same! thanks mp

    1. i'm using Blog lovin' as my blog reader, i'd gladly add you! (for more info about blog lovin', check the + sign on the left of my blog)

  2. Great flair bowl! I wish I could keep more of my things in bowls, but I don't have the desktop space. Never mind, I keep my boxes in easy reach and look through them often! x

  3. I'm the same way - have to keep things out where I can see them, or they never get used! Thanks for stopping by my blog!