Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hello there. Sorry for the silence, been busy adjusting to life in Canada, meeting new people and having fun.

Here's a few pictures of Ottawa, incredible city where everywhere you look at, nature and civilization seem to be living in peace. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Part III of my summer mini book adventure. Did i tell how much i loved doing it? Kara is great, she has a very different style than mine and yet she really inspired me and got me going doing things i usually don't do much (like talking about random things or getting to know my camera a lot better). So yay for Kara!


I told you about the papers on the last post, so let's talk embellishments right now. Letters stickers: i used a bunch of them, all sorts of colors & shapes. They're like my favorite thing to buy so i have quite a lot, and it was fun using them all. Little thingy: every page has a paper clip on one side, i just bought them at my local store, how cute are they? (i love using basic supplies on my scrapbooks!). Lots of the embellishment are from the Love, Elsie collections. I bought pretty much everything Elsie created back then, and i still have quite a lot. I used a lot on this mini, like everything you see on the day sky/night sky pages! I've also aded a few flairs, from A flair for buttons mainly and of course lots of washi tapes. Pretty simple stuff, but i love the look of it!

See you soon for the last part ;)