Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Part III of my summer mini book adventure. Did i tell how much i loved doing it? Kara is great, she has a very different style than mine and yet she really inspired me and got me going doing things i usually don't do much (like talking about random things or getting to know my camera a lot better). So yay for Kara!


I told you about the papers on the last post, so let's talk embellishments right now. Letters stickers: i used a bunch of them, all sorts of colors & shapes. They're like my favorite thing to buy so i have quite a lot, and it was fun using them all. Little thingy: every page has a paper clip on one side, i just bought them at my local store, how cute are they? (i love using basic supplies on my scrapbooks!). Lots of the embellishment are from the Love, Elsie collections. I bought pretty much everything Elsie created back then, and i still have quite a lot. I used a lot on this mini, like everything you see on the day sky/night sky pages! I've also aded a few flairs, from A flair for buttons mainly and of course lots of washi tapes. Pretty simple stuff, but i love the look of it!

See you soon for the last part ;)

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