Saturday, November 24, 2012


4 girls. 1 bachelorette party. 2 afternoon at the beach. What's missing? A few cocktails of course!

This layout is the last one I did for my sister bachelorette party album, using Shimelle's class The Perfect Collection and Amy Tangerine collection. If you want to see the other layouts I made, they are all here, or you can just click below on "the perfect collection" tag.

Thanks for taking a look, here are some more detailed shots of the embellishments:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Fonts used: Mrs strange and Always Forever
Pictures, like words, can tell the most beautiful stories. And my favorite books are by far the ones that have pictures on it. Even on our scrapbook pages, we always mix them up together looking for the perfect harmony. So why not write directly on our pictures? I realize it might sound weird or bad to some, but with some little tips on mind it can turn your pictures into way more.

TIP #1: White space.
When taking a picture, don't be afraid to leave lots of white space. Your words will fill it up. White space is neither wasted or useless. It will just make the main element of your picture stands out even more.
Font used: Traveling Typewriter

TIP #2: Add a layer between your photo and your text.
Some backgrounds photos are busier than other. it doesn't mean you can't add words on top. You just have to find a way to make your text stand out a little more. The easiest way to do that is paint over your layer with the brush tool available in all editing software (I'm using Photoshop CS4 to edit all of my photos). Brushes are available in all sorts of size and type. And you can also play with the colors and opacity level! After all this fun, don't forget to add your text ;)
Spray brush in dark and light pink with 80% and 60% opacity
Font used: Pointy

TIP #3: find the perfect font
I LOVE fonts! I spend way to much time on dafont, fonts and iFontMaker looking for the perfect ones. And most of you do the same on your scrapbook layouts, right? When mixing words and pictures, we search for balance and harmony, and will only stop when everything looks like it always belonged together. Well, I do the same when writing on pictures.

Font used: Zapfino
Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I realize now i never finished showing you my summer mini album so i thought i'd put together a little slideshow with all of the pages.

Created with flickr slideshow.

I had lots of fun putting this mini together. And i don't care if nothing extraordinary happened, the little details are the one that matter the most to me. What about you? How did you save your Summer 2012 memories?

About Summer of Love: i made this mini album thanks to the lovely Kara from i just might explode. You can see more about each page here and here
Wednesday, November 7, 2012


On the day i was supposed to leave for Canada, my plane got cancelled. My bags were packs and i was so very ready for this new adventure. Yet i had to wait, at home, for an extra 24 hours. So I scrapbooked. And hello Portugal was born. It's going to be the introductory layout for this album. 
I tend to use only one picture on those layout, so i have room for all the technical details: destination, date, diary-like journaling. And embellishments of course. I had just received a gift from Two Peas, the new Soho Garden collection by AC and i looved those butterflies too much not to use them right away. I'm certainly no hoarder! Added a few flairs (did you know A Flair for buttons is now available on Two Peas? Rad!), a doilie, gems and that was it. It was time again to catch my plane!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Slowly trying to get back at a normal life rythm. 

Here's what i've been up to:
- enjoying Canadian Fall and the most amazing tree ever
- seeing whales for the first time
- visiting my friend in Washington DC
- shopping in New York
- making new buddies (aka squirrels)
- watching a show in Broadway
- meeting Alice in Wonderland(aka my favorite book ever)
- nap time in Central Park
- Halloween!
- taking thousands of pictures
- making awesome memories

Hope you're having the best time too, wherever you are.