Friday, December 7, 2012

2012: the best of

I've always found December a really weird month. It's really exciting because of Christmas and the holidays but also sort of nostalgic as a year is coming to its end and making room for a new one.
I feel like I have always been more on the nostalgic side of it, thinking back to everything that happened, or did not, looking at pictures, reading through old messages... This december is a bit special for me, first because i am still in Canada, 6000 km away from home but also because it is the very last month of my life as a student
Thinking about what is coming next has been so stressful lately, as i feel like i need to decide who i want to be, what i want to do and where i want to do it, that looking back for a few moments feels very good.
I don't have any of my craft tools with me here, so any kind of DD or christmas journal is not possible, but then i figured: why not share here about this year, and what made it so special.
So welcome aboard 2012: the best of, my end of year series about everything i loved these past 12 months.

Feel free to join me, i'd love to hear what made this year so special to you! And see you tomorrow for the first post!


  1. This sounds like a great idea! So are you going to be in Canada for Christmas, then?

    1. no i'm going back to Paris on the 22nd! wouldn't miss xmas in family!

  2. Great idea, it will be fun to look back at the year gone past :)

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  4. It's a great idea to use your blog as a journal when there's no crafty supplies to hand! x