Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012: CANADA TOP 10

Hello there! Sorry for the silence over here, i was busy moving back to another country! Home again, in Paris, for at least 6 months! But before thinking about the new year to come, let's continue with my 2012 best of, with a Canada special edition.
The last four months have been incredible and filled with little and big adventures. Here are my 10 favorite moments:

1// Making new friends. Lots of. From everywhere. My school keeps on saying that an exchange is made for studying, but i keep on thinking it is made for meeting people, incredible people.
2// Seeing whales! No matter how cold it got on the Zodiac, getting to see whales for the first time was incredible. I've always been very impressed (and a little scared) by the sea and all that's within and getting so close to some not so little whales was pure magic!
3// Indian Summer. I heard a lot about it, and i really didn't see how the beginning of Fall could be so different than in Europe. Well, i got it now. I saw leaves turning red, orange, purple, gold and a zillion over variations. One of the most beautiful phenomenon offered by lady Nature
4// Going to Washington (i'm in love with this city!) and seeing my sweet friend Josh for the first time in 2 years. Starting to make plans to go back there...
5// The Niagara Falls! It was a-ma-zing! Even though the site is very very touristic, the falls are incredible. And i once again felt very tiny
6// Canadian snow. We don't get that much snow in Paris, or at least it never last very long. Waking up to a white Ottawa is one of my fondest memory.
7// THE best night out with the girls in Toronto. Lots of fun, laughter, bad karaoke, crazy sweet people and dancing. 
8// The first road trip. Girls only! I LOVE road trips (even though i still don't have a license), and this exchange was full of them. A lot went wrong (hello Toronto traffic!) but that's what made it priceless!
9// Safari in the omega park. I fed deers! Saw baby bears, and arctic foxes. Then our windows got stuck wide open and we had to drive an hour by −5°. Lots of fun! 
10// Alice! When in Central Park, the Alice in Wonderland statue were a compulsory stop! One of my favorite book growing up and one of the reason i really really wanted to go to Central Park. It's beautiful 

My exchange is now over, but the fun is only beginning. I can not wait to start scrapping all these memories!

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