Friday, December 28, 2012


I heard about Ali Edward's class not so long ago and instantly loved the idea. Picking one word, just one little word, to define and guide you throughout a year. How hard could it be? Hmmm, harder than i thought. It took me about 2 months to get to my final word.

I first considered IMAGINE, but even though i didn't do my one little word in 2011, i could clearly see that imagine had been my '11 word. I mean, i even tattooed it on my skin! Then, i picked GROW, which seemed perfect for me and where i am right now, but i wasn't a 100% into it, which was a big clue that it wasn't the good word for me. Finally, yesterday i woke up in the middle of the night, and there it was, perfectly clear. What i most wanted in 2013, and what all the other words i had considered led me to, was that in 2013, i wanted to be HAPPY. Such a simple, little, word, yet it means so much to me. 

So much that it's part of the next tattoo i've been planning to get for a few months. 

So much that this quote is one of my favorite ever (i kinda have a thing for John Lennon ♥). 

So much that i discovered Gretchen Rubin and her book, The Happiness Project, last November and have since decided to start my own Happiness Project (picking this word somehow was the first step). Those were big clues. Yet it still took me 2 months to find this word.
In the end, it really is that simple. In 2013, i choose to be happy.Happy with myself and my bodyHappy that i am done with schoolHappy with the job i have yet to findHappy in my relationshipsHappy with my art and this blogHappy with my life.As for documenting, i know that most of those who are taking Ali's class are doing some sort of mini album to document it, but i have already decided to tackle Project Life in 2013 along with my regular layouts so adding this would feel like to much. Instead i'm simply gonna make it part of my Project Life, starting with the opening page (of which you got a glimpse at the beginning of this post ;))Thanks if you've been reading that far, and if you're also tackling my One little word project, i'd love to hear your word!


  1. Great food for thought. We can't always choose our circumstances, but we can choose to be happy. Sounds like a great word for 2013! Still thinking about mine...

  2. I love your word! It's a good one to live by. I like the quote by Lennon too! I'm about to go and work on my word for 2013 scrapbook page, I make one each year. It will be up on my blog in a few days...!