Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I don't know about you, but i'm a big Glitter Girl fan! And i was super inspired by one of her recent project. Maybe because it was all about using your favorite supplies (yay to alphas). Or maybe because it had a square design. Anyway, here's the layout I ended up with. And seriously love.
I recently bought a 6x6 paper pad. My very first one. I'm not a huge fan yet. But since the design of this layout called for 4 6x6 squares, that was kind of perfect. I took 4 I really liked and would match the photos (there were some lovely blues in the pack but that would have been way too much so close to the very blue pictures. But I still wanted some more blue somewhere. And then I saw this gorgeous paper from the new Amy Tan collection. Perfect. At this point there wasn't much more to do. Added my title, playing with some new and not so new thickers and alpha stickers. Oh and because i'm still not over the arrow trend, i added a few here and there.

A quick word about papers and waste. I usually don't show it on the photos (because it's not super pretty), but i hate wasting pretty papers. So when i know only a very tiny part of my background paper will actually be visible (like this blue one), i just cut the middle, so i can use it on another project. But because it tends to make the layout a lot more fragile, i'll add a white cardstock as a base. I do this super often, mostly because i very rarely buy two sheet of the same paper, and want to use it as much as i can. Do you do the same thing? No one really talks about it.


  1. Great layout!
    Love the mixed up title!

  2. oh no, i save paper like this all the time! i literally cringe when i'm watching scrappy videos and they cover nearly the entire patterned paper and don't save the middle! lovely page and great Canada shots :)

  3. I save paper like this too, but only on papers I really love. I used to do it all the time with every piece but my scraps pile was building up and up, so I decided that it wasn't worth saving them all as I just don't use them. Plus, cutting them out slows me down and I like to work as fast as possible as my mind is always on my next idea!

    I love how your word 'Canada' overlaps lots of elements. And the 'hello sunshine' flair is so perfect! x

  4. Love how you made your background and those pics are gorgeous. I often cutout the middle of layered paper to save it for other projects.

  5. Ah the gutting of the base layer, yep used to do this many many years ago, now I am ashamed to say I don't bother with it that often. Your layout came out great and the mix media title is super cute.