Monday, March 18, 2013


Week 7, aka the week i decided to go with squares. 

Trying to change things up a bit from week to week, mainly so i won't get bored with it. I mean, who would want to use the same design on a 12*12 traditional layout again and again? Well, i feel the same about PL! And because i'm a big Instagram addict, i could not resist this square design and bought a dozen sleeves. 
I filled them with random pictures of my week, trying to recreate a typical day, from morning off to work till night. But i still had this left page to fill (since the other side had week 6 on it) so i decided i would put all my journaling and pretty cards there. Here's how it looks:

Just bought a heat gun (yes, 100 years after everyone else) I tried to resist for as long as i could, but maybe i shouldn't have, because i love it! And obviously my first choice went for gold!! <3

For the right pocket, i simply added all of my pictures (printed with my new Selphy). This little printer has changed my life my scrapbooking! Also added some washi and a number to each. Number that matches the one on the journaling cards from the left spread. Super simple. 


  1. Great PL pages, love the square pockets :)

  2. So much delicious goodness here. Changing it up is definitely fun, but I feel like I need to come back to design A at least once every two weeks or so. It is like my home base. That gold embossing looks so rich ;)

  3. Hello there thanks for popping by... i adore your project life pages...such a great project to work on... i should get back into mine really!

  4. Wow, awesome PL!!! I really love this idea and you have done an absolutely amazing job of it!!! :D

  5. Love these pages, and I love how you recreated your day on the squares page. I use different pocket pages every week because I like to keep things fresh!