Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Week 10 aka the week we though Spring was finally here. Except it wasn't. But more on that next week. You might have noticed (or not), but i skipped 2 weeks. I didn't have much to say about those 15 days, pretty much no picture so i went ahead and moved to week 10 ( it did took my like 2 weeks before i gave up trying to do something with the nothing. But by the end of the year, i really won't care if some weeks are missing, as long as the important memories are there!)
I was still working with a square pocket so i went ahead and printed 3 instagram pictures with my selphy (perfect size with the border for the PL pocket) I am REALLY loving this white frame trend around the photos. So i went ahead and did the same for the 3 other pictures. And might keep on doing it for a while.
I used a couple cards from my PL kit and some patterned paper for the background. The two washi tapes are also from my PL kit (and originally from the last Dear Lizzy collection). That multicolor striped one is awesome! Added a few stamps here and there, and that's pretty much it. Ended with a Dear Lizzy flair that i put on top of the pocket (because i don't like the look when it's under).
Ps: how cool is that giant Yoda picture? Spotted it in Paris, had to take a photo obviously! 


  1. Love this, I am way behind but this makes me want to catch up.

  2. Wow, more great inspiration. I am behind too, and this really makes me just want to stay here and play today. Blessings,

  3. I have skipped weeks when I didn't have photos or much to say. Just keep on going! Great pages. :)

  4. That Yoda pic is awesome! Thanks for sharing your pages.

  5. Playing with the square pages is fun. Insragrams are the perfect way to go.