Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Week 13 already. Time flies huh? Nothing special happened on that week, until Friday at least! What was supposed to be a quick drink with a friend ended up lasting a bit longer and involving a few more drinks and tapas. In other words an awesome night with my girls :)So i focused on that for my spread, because that's what i wanted to remember from that week.I actually had a hard time doing that spread (that's why i am posting it on Tuesday rather than Monday by the way). The main issue was the very pink photos (that's how the bar's lights were, nothing much i could do) and i had no idea what to put next to it. Ended up picking that black camera patterned paper, then a pink card from my kit and so on... Three days later, my spread was done. Let's be honest, out of the 3 days, the most decisive moment was the last hour, during which the whole spread came together. Big procrastinator over here! I really need to become more efficient doing those spreads, some layouts i did this weekend actually took me less time than this spread! (BTW, i CANNOT wait to show you my last layouts, favorite ever!)


  1. Great week! Funny how a little decision can paralyze us until we figure out how to move on. Love how it turned out. :)

  2. Looks like a great week! I hate when lighting can make my pictures such different colors. Sometimes I'll choose the photos to turn to black and white to make me go whatever direction I want :)