Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2 for the work of 1

Do you ever put together a little kit with a layout in mind, but then end up with a fairly good deal of scraps that definitely would be enough for another layout? Except you're not sure you want to use this exact same kit, fearing that the two layouts will be too similar because the supplies are the same? Well, fear no longer, because Glitter Girl came to the rescue in one of her recent adventure: 2 for the work of 1.
Creating a kit before i make a layout is something i try to do more and more, because i clearly have scrappy commitment issues and change my mind way too much if i don't. So i did it. And i wasn't alone. 3 other adventurer scrappers are joining me this week to show you how different two layouts can be with the same base of supplies: Toni from Life Scrapbook, Repeat, Claire from Adventures in Singapore and Senorita Scrapper from SenoritamI
And here's the result of my experiment:


I put together a little kit with two backgrounds paper (the two grey ones - it's better to go with a neutral if you're not sure yet which pictures you'll use - like me), and a few full or partial sheets of some of my current motifs and colors: blue, yellow, purple and pink. On to the most important part: the alphas :). Again, i picked a fairly neutral one: the white glitter thickers by Maggie Holmes, plus two other ones with more colors (i couldn't decide in terms of size, but i ended up not using the pink one at all). Of course you could have only picked one alpha, but i love them too much. Finally i picked my embellishments: all the stickers i have from the Yes Please collection, a few flairs, tags, wood veneers, enamel dots, washi... I'm not sure if that looks like a lot to you, but i have wayy more lol.


This layout was extra simple to put together. I took my grey background, then all of the other papers i add selected and started cutting: three rectangles to mat my photo and create a central frame, and three sets of smaller pieces with the other papers: the purple and blue one; thus creating my little visual triangle. I started picking embellishments to go in this areas: stickers, arrows veneers, a few dots, one of the flair... Added my title (i had to pick another white alpha for the "you are" part because i would have been short on some letters from the glittery one). Super simple. And i had indeed lots left from my kit. o off to the second layout —>
Different right? Yet the supplies are from the same kit: that yellow and blue are the same... I just insisted more on some colors, like that light green which i din't use in the first kit. and the design is completely different (and inspired by this crazy beautiful layout by Maggie Holmes). Little detail: that grey star piece at the top was not from the kit, and wasn't not supposed to be on the layout except that i realised i had cut a lot circle of that grey background, right of the edge, so i could not have even use the green tag at the bottom because i didnot want it so close to the edge. Hence the grey stars. To which i might add sewing at some point, not sure yet! The rest of the layout is super simple: more stickers, another flair, some star veneers, same alphas for my title and some threads i had put in the kit and though would bring a little something else to the layout. 

I love both of these layouts, and i have no issue whatsoever with the fact that they are both going to be in my Ottawa album!!

Off to the 6 other layouts that are waiting for you!
Senorita Scrapper managed to create two full layout with a similar kit, using way much more papers than i do on my layouts! so if you're like her and like layering and using every bits of pieces, go check out both of her awesome layouts. but first a little peek ;)

Toni loves all things October Afternoon so she added to the challenge and put together a kit composed of five different collections by OA, to see how well they could mix together. a little clue? crazy well, her layout are beautiful. Here's a look at one of them, her layering is gorgeous! Go check her kit and other layout right here

Claire put together two layouts of her beautiful daughter, including a 2 page layout! So yep, that means 3 layouts with one kit. I guess she won (or are we counting? ^^). Here's a look at her first gorgeous and delicate layout, and then off to her blog to see the rest!

Hope you had fun and are feeling inspired right now <3


  1. I love your Ottawa page design. Came across your blog while searching for other scrapbookers doing "The perfect collection" and love to come back.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, even though it is in German only ;)

  2. Love those layouts! Love this town too!

  3. I really like all your pages!! Your 2 for the work of 1 pages have such different feels that I doubt anyone would notice they are from the same set of papers unless you told them.

  4. Love these pages you've made - and the photo on the Ottawa LO is stunning! When I visited that city it was covered in snow; I'd love to come back and see it in the sunshine of your photograph. I agree it's amazing how different the same papers can look given a different treatment - your two LOs prove that point so well.

  5. I love your scrapbooking style! That little dear is one of my favorites from Sassafras.

  6. Looks like it is turning out lovely! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  7. Gosh you make gorgeous layouts, Alinor, I love these two, especially the way you work those Alpha's. Great bloghop!

  8. both of you layouts are so beautiful.. thanks for sharing..