Monday, May 6, 2013


On to Week 16, boy this year is flying by way too quickly! For my week card i wanted to both document my favorite breakfast but almost my current favorite combo, so i picked a grey background and then some aqua, pink, and green. I really like this card!

I was also inspired by this spread by Elise Blaha to pick some kind of a weekly theme and theme use letter sticker for each day. I love taking pictures with the #fromwhereistand tag with my daily outfit (or maybe it's just a feet obsession thing) so i picked four and lined them up on my spread, then added the initial for the days (french days, in case you're wondering which day might start with a J lol).

The top left card i filled with a piece of vellum, i thought it might be nice to introduce some kind of new texture and look in the album, and since the rest of the spread was pretty full i thought a bit a empty space might be good!

And that's it for this week! Hope you had a great scrappy (or not) weekend!


  1. I agree this year is going super fast! Loving the angle of the photo's too!

  2. Love your week! The from where I stand photos are really cool. I soooooo need to take these kinds of shots. :)