Friday, May 24, 2013


Last month's list was super fun to put together, so i decided i'd do it again this month. Here's what i've been liking / wishing i had / been inspired by lately!

This camera! I am so ready to move on to a DSLR. Just wishing my bank account was ready too... 
These quotes. The first one is way too awesome, and clearly true. Or is it just me? The second one is a quote from this song by Fun. Love this group!My Little Box! In France, boxes full of beauty/cooking/ lifestyle ... items that you can subscribe to and get each month are super popular. And there's nothing i like more that happy mail so i ended up subscribing too! I just got my first box, and i love it! It was full of beauty products for the summer, these awesome glasses, a coral nail polish and lots of other cute stuff. Is this a popular concept where you live too?

The Macy bag by Nat&Nin (a french brand). I've been dreaming ofthis one for a while, and yep, it is mine!! (i got it as an early birthday present!) I might have a thing for bags... i haveway too much (but always end up using the same... obviously!)
 That's it for this month, hope you enjoyed! Do you have a similar list? I'd love to take a look!


  1. Another great list! Looooove that bag :-)

  2. I love the box of sweet things. I have sent you an email with my details. I'm so sorry you were having trouble contacting me. I have checked my email and nothing seems to have come through from you so it must be an email problem somewhere along the line. Did you get my email I sent today? x

  3. Love the list! Need to check out this box idea!

  4. Cool list! I love the idea of the Rivera box. That's some serious happy mail! :)

  5. Love your Riviera box....I get Ipsy and Birch Box. They have some full size make up but mostly sample size...never sunglasses.

  6. I haven't heard Riviera I might be wishing my bank account could catch up with my wish list;)