Friday, May 31, 2013


Sian, from the lovely From High in the sky blog had the awesome idea of organizing a swap, a big one all around the world, filled with little things. hence the name, the big swap, of very small things. I loved the idea and of course decided at once to participate. The package i put together was sent to Abi, an english student/crafter/tea lover whose blog is awesome. She just shared the goodies i sent her, it's right here if you want to have a look. 

As for me, the lovely Natalie, who lives all the way across the ocean in San Diego, California (aka the city i want to move in to!)- and yet speaks perfect french!- sent me this awesome huge parcel of goodies. First, this lovely card with the loveliest flair ever. And then an incredible number of goodies: a dear lizzy phrase stamp (boy i've wanted this since forever!), more stamps, gold glittery thingy!, stitched frames (looooove those), die cuts, washi.... She pulled a major move here and basically sent me all the items i had been considering buying lately. So THANK YOU Natalie, and thank you Sian of course :)


  1. i was hoping you would enjoy making a connection with both of your partners and it sounds as if you did. Brilliant! I have had so much fun spotting the pictures of the parcels. Thank you for being part of it.

  2. Je suis vraiment super contente de voir que mon petit paquet t'a plu! C'est trop fun de partager et de voir tes photos ;) Il faut vraiment que je fasse un post avec ce que j'ai reçu aussi! Happy weekend!

    1. Un grand merci à toi Nathalie :). Je suis vraiment très très contente du choix de Sian. Hate de voir ton post!

  3. Cute parcel - have fun with it! x