Friday, June 28, 2013


This layout started with a story. It was a song we heard way too much on the radio. Starships, by Nicki Minaj. The thing about these songs is that, as you listen to them for the fifth time in 2 hours, you start to kind of like them. And you sing them all the time (at least I do). So here we were, in Quebec after 8 hours in a car and here it was, stuck in my head: Let’s go to the beach, each. Let’s go get away… And you might not know it, but when on a road trip, “let’s go” is something you say a lot. Obviously, I would complete the sentence every time. 3 days later, no one dared pronounce these words anymore.
This memory, I know I will remember it way longer than any castle or falls we visited. It’s not a song we hear a lot on the radio now, and I don’t listen to it very often, yet I smile everytime it’s on, thinking back of our awesome trip to Quebec. And this is what I decided to scrap.
I decided to have some fun with the texture of the layout, so I started by painting a big pink ombre effect with watercolors. By the end, not much was still showing, but it’s ok, I know it’s there. Next came the papers. Almost each one is from Atlantic, the latest Studio Calico collection (it’s awesome). I wanted a nice but subtle “beachy” frame for my photo, so I took a piece of vellum and some gold thread. Added my title (this one was easy to find!), very little embellishment (yes, because it’s all about the title, you got it right!), and finally added a border by sewing with a yellow thread. I noticed sewing on pages is super popular, but most people only use white thread. I think colors are fun. Use them! Layout done, story told.

Come on, let’s go! 


  1. Great story behind the LO - is it journaled somewhere? I love to sew on my pages - and I have used coloured thread (but never gold - was it easy to use?); I agree that it looks nice to use something other than white!

    1. nope, gold thread is a sewing nightmare, not smooth enough. But way too cute for me not to do it anyway!

  2. Love your layers, this is so much fun and the watercolour looks great.

  3. I love this page! It's fresh and fun and tells a great story. Yes, I love to sew on my pages too and in colour

  4. What a great page, looks like you guys had a great time!

  5. Great layout and story! Really like how you used the watercolors!

  6. whoa great page, i love all the different elements!

  7. I love the story behind this layout and as soon as I read your words I had the song in my head again!