Monday, June 24, 2013


Week 20, aka the week Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful mess released their new camera app, as you can obviously tell by all the edited photos of that spread. Beside that fact, it was a really normal yet extra stressful week for me.  But also a happy one, because i got lots of mail on that day, and mail always makes me extra happy, especially when filled with scrapbooking supplies! 

I don't know about the rest of the world, but in France May is symbolized by a little white bell flower called muguet (i think it is lily of the valley in english) which i adore, so i grabbed a picture of some and included it in one of my May spread! Do you have them too in your corner of the world? I remember as a kid going out with my parents every 1st of May to gather some in the woods, and then make little bouquets for our home. Happy, happy memories. Oh, and the smell is terrific too <3 
Supplies wise, i almost only used my Studio Calico PL kit from May and June. I also just got those cute bows from the Atlantic collection and i had to use of them. Cutest ever. The spread is extra simple, made in less than an hour. I really don't want to spend more time than that on PL because that is so not the point of it. And layouts already takes my days to complete, so i'd have to stop sleeping if i were to spent any more time crafting! And i love sleeping way too much.

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  1. There is so much I love on this spread. I like the way you have used the app, the detail about that beautiful flower and those bows!