Friday, July 12, 2013


I'm off to London eating too much, buying clothes at Topshop and taking too much photos. I'll be back soon(ish) with some new stuff and crafts for the blog!

Have an awesome summer!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Because it's a season of change (well, for me), here's a layout completely different from what i usually do. 
It's a layout with a secret door. A lot like in the story it is about (and that wasn't even made on purpose, thank you subconscious!) I did it during my "use one collection only" challenge, still using American Crafts and the Dear Lizzy collection. Super super colorful papers, which looks extra fun in my album! 
The layout is about Alice's adventure in Wonderland, one of my old time favorite book. When in New York, we went to Central Park and i literally ran to the sculptures i knew were there. Then took way too many photos. Because i wanted the layout to be about the story too, i picked some of my favorite quotes from the book and printed them on vellum. And here's how the layout turned out:  

I picked a one color background for my base, then found this multicolor stripped paper. perfection. Added two extra detailed photos behind the door. On the top i created little clusters that would serve as clue to tell you there is something underneath. Also, i just love gold arrows and pink butterflies. The "door" opens thanks to the gold washi i used on the right border. At this point i considered adding even more gold but then decided the layout was pretty busy already.

I'll leave you with this quote: "Have i gone mad?" "I'm afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are."

Monday, July 8, 2013


Some big, scary, exciting changes are coming my way so i thought i deserved some fun first. It's a funny story actually. I was just watching Sherlock the other day on my TV, and twitted something like "hey, when are we going back to London". And then a friend of mine said "hey i'm going there next week, come with me". And that's how, 24 hours later, i had a hotel room and eurostar tickets booked for a week in London. You only live once right? 

I am leaving first thing Saturday morning, and because i do love my to-do lists a bit too much, i'm planning like crazy right now. I've been to London a couple times already so i'm probably not going to do too much tourist stuff this time. If there's any Londoner/English over here, please feel free to share your favorite spots in the city, i might go check them out!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Hey there, and happy 4th of July to all my US readers :)

Google Reader is officially over, so i just wanted to pop in and tell you that you shouldn't be too sad, there's some other cool alternatives out there. I've never used Google Reader actually, because when i started my blog i discovered Bloglovin' at the same time and have been loving it since.

I won't tell you why it is awesome and why i highly recommend it, because i already did all that. So just head over to this article, and you'll know all about it ;)

Also, if you are interested in following me on your new reader, you can click here to follow me on Bloglovin' or here for a Feedly link!
Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Here's the thing: when i'm a fan of a brand (like, let's say, Dear Lizzy), i tend to buy the entire collection. But when it comes to actually scrapping, i tend to mix my supplies and use a bunch of papers and embellishments from lots of different collections. So last weekend i sat down and decided to change things up a bit, and focus on a brand. American Crafts in this case. 
I chose a fun background paper then found this little floral card from a cut up sheet. That helped me pick the other papers, based on the colors of that multicolored one (that's really useful to give unity to your layout!). Next i chose my embellishments, from Dear Lizzy and Yes Please. Then i saw this "magical" wood veneer and knew i had to use it, even though it's definitely not from American Crafts (but shh don't tell anyone). I finished with the title, from lots of different brands actually. I guess i'm not that good at using one brand only haha, but still, the layout is like 90% American Crafts, so that's a win right?

Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey there! You might notice that things are looking a bit different here. I woke up on Saturday thinking that spending 8 hours on Photoshop and then coding might be fun. crazy me. But i was getting a bit tired of the blue and wanted a design that would look a bit more like, well me. Black, pink, grey, yellow. Loving it.
Unless you were a regular reader, it wasn't very obvious what the blog was obvious at first glance, so i tried to change that with my new header and navbar. The header was really fun to create, i just selected a bunch of photos of myself and the things i talk about on the blog (you know, scrapbooking, life as a Starbucks addict, selfies and all that), and applied the same filters to each of them (using Radlab on Photoshop, that B&W effect is the Detroit one)
On the navbar i added links to all my main features on the blog: my scrapbooking layouts, my project life spread, photography. On the last screenshot you can see how these pages look like. There's also a general archives link with all of my posts sorted by month or categories. Far left is the About me section, in case you're curious about, well me :)
On my sidebar you'll find links to the others places i am active on, like Pinterest or Instagram, a subscribe button that will take you to Blovlovin' (RIP Google Reader) and a contact button in case you'll want to shoot me an email. Then there's a few of my and yours (well according to the numbers at least) current favorite posts. And finally a few links (not sponsored) to things i love, like classes i am taking for instance.

What do you think? Is it clear or big enough on your computer? I'd love to hear your opinion!