Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey there! You might notice that things are looking a bit different here. I woke up on Saturday thinking that spending 8 hours on Photoshop and then coding might be fun. crazy me. But i was getting a bit tired of the blue and wanted a design that would look a bit more like, well me. Black, pink, grey, yellow. Loving it.
Unless you were a regular reader, it wasn't very obvious what the blog was obvious at first glance, so i tried to change that with my new header and navbar. The header was really fun to create, i just selected a bunch of photos of myself and the things i talk about on the blog (you know, scrapbooking, life as a Starbucks addict, selfies and all that), and applied the same filters to each of them (using Radlab on Photoshop, that B&W effect is the Detroit one)
On the navbar i added links to all my main features on the blog: my scrapbooking layouts, my project life spread, photography. On the last screenshot you can see how these pages look like. There's also a general archives link with all of my posts sorted by month or categories. Far left is the About me section, in case you're curious about, well me :)
On my sidebar you'll find links to the others places i am active on, like Pinterest or Instagram, a subscribe button that will take you to Blovlovin' (RIP Google Reader) and a contact button in case you'll want to shoot me an email. Then there's a few of my and yours (well according to the numbers at least) current favorite posts. And finally a few links (not sponsored) to things i love, like classes i am taking for instance.

What do you think? Is it clear or big enough on your computer? I'd love to hear your opinion!


  1. I love it- such good work! I am in awe! I am wanting to change my blog up this summer but blogger is not applying any of my changes! ahhh!

  2. You've got my complete admiration! I couldn't do something like this in a million years. It looks fantastic and I hope it leads you to many more happy hours of blogging

  3. looking awesome!! loving the new design!

  4. It looks great - I need to do this but am overwhelmed by the task. I'm not very technologically proficient. I

  5. Loving the new look, very sleek and chic!

  6. Looks really great!
    Wish I was brave enough to try designing my own blog :)