Monday, August 12, 2013


Long time no see dear Project Life! I am crazy behind on my spreads, and by crazy i mean something like 10 weeks behind (i know...). It's ok though, because i have this awesome 4-steps technique to catch up saving my life right now:
1/ Get all of your photos printed. And hey because you have waited sooo long, you can probably get a good deal online (i myself use photoweb) rather than print them at home last minute like you do way too often
2/ Arrange all those photos in your pockets, inserts...
3/ Add cards in all empty pockets. If your are using a kit or PL Core Kit, then that should be super quick too.
4/ Find some time here & there to add your journaling, dates, stamps, embellishments... it can be as simple as you want (i am embracing simplicity right now, that's like my new favorite word)

Oh, and don't forget about 5/ share the finished spreads with us :)

So today i am finally sharing a new spread here, week 22. And as i write this, i have completed steps 1 to 3 for the 7 following spreads as well. Yay me!

Week 22 is a bit special because it was the week i turned 24. So i decided it deserved a little extra insert. I knew i wanted one of this 6x12 slot to be about my feelings towards birthdays as well as my 25 before 25 challenge. Both subjects i blogged about, so i just pasted the text, had some fun with photoshop and then printed it all on that cute pink paper. 
It was the other side i wasn't sure about. But in the meantime Ali's class Hello Story began and week 2 topic (of which i'll talk more on Friday!) ended up being perfect for it! That "Hello Me" piece was made with photoshop as well, using the class material + two photos of me aged 2 (i think) and 24. This was super fun to do, you can read the text on the photo below if you feel like it, should be clear enough (you can click on it ;))

 Because the inserts are quite text heavy, i didn't journal much on the actual spread, except to tell some bits and pieces about what else happened on that week, like my sister offering me a Kindle, which has already become my new best friend (my iphone isn't too happy about it). One of my 25 before 25 challenge is to read 10 new books, which thanks to the Kindle only took 2 months instead of 12 ;) I'll do a post about that soon(ish).

 Final word: that red card "take a picture" is GORGEOUS, i wish we could get a patterned paper with that print on it, and stickers, and flairs and... you get my point!

Have a great week, and don't forget, it's ok if you are behind on Project Life :)


  1. Great pages, love the little bits of pink and all the little details!

  2. Love your PL pages.... I am always looking for tips to get caught up. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful spreads. Hahaha...reading your list I see "make sushi". Tried it, tasted great, ended up eating it with a spoon out of a bowl. So difficult to roll. LOL!

    1. haha yes this one is definitely going to take some time. even cooking the rice is complicated!

  4. Beautiful pages, lots of great details.

  5. Wonderful! I loved seeing all the bits and pieces. I'm 50 and would have loved doing this at your age - so good for you! Lovely :)

  6. Your pages are so gorgeous. Love that you included some hello story here too.

  7. Beautiful spreads. I really like your method for catching up too. PL can sometimes be totally overwhelming can't it!

  8. love it... have not jumped into the pl yet but considering it... thanks for sharing.

  9. FUn!!! I have tried to start PL twice and fail each time! I need to try again!