Friday, August 23, 2013


A year ago, on one very hot 23rd of August, 2012 i was getting my very first tattoo. imagine it said. my favorite word in the universe. it reads the same in both french and english, so i don't have to translate anything here, another reason i love it. i believe that our ability to dream, create and think of things that were, are or could one day be is our greatest tool. I have always been a dreamer. Maybe because i was never satisfied with the everyday routine. Maybe i read too much books, and thought at 11 that i could definitely get a letter from Hogwarts, or that leprechauns had something to do with these beautiful rainbows and that there was so much more we could not see. I dream when i am sleeping, i make stories in my head when i am bored, i imagine my future. One year ago, as this word was painted on my skin, i fled the pain and thought of what was to come: leaving for Canada 5 days later. Starting my final internship 6 months later. Graduating. Starting my life as a somehow responsible adult in the Summer '13. New dreams came in the middle of all that, new stories that i wanted to write. I am not sure at this point that i still care very much for the 4 years i spent studying Business and Marketing. I long for travels, discoveries, earth in my hands, experiences, love, fun, night skies. But what you dream of is not what matters most, it is that you keep fighting to make them come true.

Today is a very hot day too. 23rd of August, 2013. Had you asked me one year ago, i would have told you that i would probably be starting a job somewhere in the world. Paris, London, Toronto. I would finally have moved out of my parents' house and settled somewhere else. There would be new tattoos on my skin. Well, the next story is still about needles. One meant to bring a few hours of dreamless sleep while the doctors do their job. I love irony, and sarcasm (i am, after all, parisian), so this one is quite funny. I thought i would spend my last summer as a student going on some kind of adventure, maybe a road trip. Except for a much needed break in London, i spend it at home. Reading a very big amount of books, watching a lot of movies. Thinking of new dreams, new stories. Somehow, it ended up being both the worst and the best moment for me to get stuck at home, unable to do any kind of adventuring, or even lie on my back. i discovered a person, and her book, that got to me so deeply i started to think of a completely new life for me, and what better moment to make new plans and do research than when stuck at home huh?
As the doctor do their work to get me 100% back on my feet in hopefully only a few weeks, i am still so very grateful for this word on my wrist. IMAGINE.


  1. I hope you are back on your feet again very soon x

  2. Great tattoo. It says so much and I love how you've told us what it means to you. I hope you are doing well now, xxx