Friday, September 6, 2013


art print from Small Talk Studio

Week 3 over in the Hello Story classroom had us worked on stories of direction. Which is just a cute sentence that means that we got to work with lots of arrows. Of all the design elements that come and go in the trends, i think they are my favorites (with cameras, obviously). 
Before working on new layouts for this week, i went to have a look at my archives. And found out what i already knew. I use arrows. A LOT.
On layouts: lots of wood veneers to direct your eyes, from pretty patterned papers to frame my design, stitched on the layout like a frame, cut out to make you look at the pretty photo,so you'll see that tiny detail on the photo on which the layout is based, everywhere because there is no such thing as using too much gold glitter arrows!
And on my Project Life spreads: wood veneers to accentuate an element, 3 similar ones to give more balance to the spread, just because they're pretty

As for the layout made specifically for the Hello Story class, well it's quite not ready yet. The thing is i recently decided to print a bunch of 12x12 and 6x12 photos but because in France it is crazy expensive i have been looking for other options in the UK & US. So that is going to take a bit longer, hence the layout that should be ready but really isn't. BUT i did made a digital version of it! Mainly because i want to print the photo with some little cute stuff already on top of it, and once i start playing with photoshop there really is no stopping me. So i thought i could share the digital but clearly not definitive version of the layout i have in mind. Can't wait to work on the "physical" version of it (i don't think digital scrap was made for me lol)

Do you think there are enough arrows? I'm not quite sure...


  1. This is wonderful and what an awesome photo.

  2. Ha ha, I think it could take a few more hours, but then I love arrows too!!

    Amazing photo, I'm so jealous, I'd love to see whales one day. x