Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So, Project Life. It was fun, some weeks more than others. I think the biggest issue for me was that my favorite part of project life (or scrapbooking) is the photos. And some weeks i struggled to take enough photos to fill a spread, which would then take all the fun out of making the spread. Maybe i should have gone with a monthly PL rather than weekly, but once I started i didn't feel like changing it all (i like consistency i guess ^^). Then came the whole medical issue thing which got me stuck at home doing nothing for months. Bottom line: my PL album ends in August. First i thought: well this is a massive failure. Then i went back to the album, looking at all the spread i completed. And realized i had  8 months of really cool memories recorded. So, hey! success! That's how i've decided to look at it.

 I even have some spreads i need to finish, and a few fun things i tried and need to share here on the blog, like that week i spend in London in July and documented PL style. Or the day in the life i did in August and need to add to the album. Maybe i'll gather some of the photos i took on Christmas and do a spread about that too. Keeping it simple, and fun! 

As for 2014, i don't have any 12x12 album in the works, but i'm thinking mini albums (like the Capture system from Basic Grey). Maybe divided in four parts (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn) so i can take the best moments of each season and document those. What do you think? How have you been documenting 2014 so far? 


  1. I also think that any spread is better than nothing and who says that it has to be a whole year! The essential is that you love the part that you did document! So good job on that! To tell you the truth i have not even started any 2014 project but I will try to make a monthly spread a la project life once in a while...

  2. I feel the same way, I only did 4 months of PL in 2013, but looking back on what I did manage to capture was really awesome! I think the mini albums split into the seasons is a great idea, and definitely sounds more manageable :)