Saturday, May 31, 2014


1/ Go you! 1km. 10 minutes. 30 minutes. 5 miles. Whatever. It doesn't matter. Every step is a big win as far as i'm concerned. At least every step that doesn't take me to the fridge or the couch. After 8 months in bed, I literally couldn't run for more than 3 minutes, so i walked a lot, and run a little. With every new workout I walk a little less and run a little more. It feels great (most of the time). We are all very busy, the weather isn't always nice, and we could all find a 1000 extra more reason not to go running. So if you went it's just awesome. Be proud and keep moving, one step at a time! If some days you feel like even 1 mile is too much, start with smaller objectives, like "run till i reach that big tree", or "to the end of that path". When i feel like i can't run any longer, those small goals help me stay motivated. Try it and tell me what you think!

2/ Shoes. are. SO. important. Some of you may think "but i don't do much sport, i just run from time to time. i don't need actual sport shoes right?" Yes you do. Your feet and ankles and legs and back will thank you for it. Running shoes are the only "equipment" I bought (along with sport bras obviously!) and i am so happy with them. I run in a park/forest with branches and uneven paths everywhere and the only reason i've never twisted my ankle on a big rock are my shoes. They're cute, comfy, flexible and most importantly have great cushioning (i had to look up that word, hope it actually means "amorti"!). I feel like i run more "efficiently"and easily with them so honestly don't hesitate! 

3/ music. Do you know how when you are sad you tend to listen to sad songs, and when you're happy you go toward happy songs. Well if you want to feel energized and motivated, find cool songs that have that vibe! Because the minutes those audio waves hit your brain, you'll feel like you have all that extra energy and you'll start running faster. weird but true. For me lately it's been Avicii. I simply put their latest album on repeat and start running. I am definitely not advising you to spend 3 hours working on a playlist (because you could be running for those 3 hours instead!) but if you feel really bored and missing energy when you run, just try it with music, and tell me what you think! 
Also, if you wand an extra incentive when running, i would advise downloading a free running app such as Nike+ Running. You can use it to record your running, and the app will tell you for how long you ran, at what speed... Also a guy with a cute voice will let you know every time you pass a new kilometer, which i really like to hear!

4/ On a treadmill vs outside. I actually started running inside while in Canada (mostly had to do with the snow outside!). And honestly i love it. I don't care that there's no view because i'm mostly in my head/thoughts/dreams when i run. And i feel like it's so much easier to breath while running in a room than outside (do you think there is a scientific reason for that?). Now that i'm in Paris I run outside nd it's nice. There's trees, little birds singing, and the fact that the paths are uneven, going up and down... makes it more of a challenge. Given the choice though, i think i'd stick to the treadmill, unless i were to move to a place with less pollution (i think it's a big reason for my breathing issues in Paris). What do you prefer? One thing i know for sure, if you're running outside in a forest like environment, then close your mouth. Or swallow a bug. Really it's up to you. (i've learned this the hard way)

5/ Proteins! So, i guess i should start by saying that i follow a meat-free diet. I eat fish like once a week (plus sushi, i looove sushi), and eggs 2 to 3 times a week. I think because of my diet, i am much more aware of what sorts of minerals, vitamins... go into my body. And one thing i have learned about my body is that if i don't eat/drink protein after a workout, i will feel week and will most certainly be in pain the next day (stiffness...). But when i charge up on protein after running recovery is way easier. My favorite after workout food is eggs (boiled the day before so they're extra cold) with a bit of mayonnaise and curry (i'm allowed right, i've just run!), or a smoothie in which i add vegetal powder protein. For a very long time i thought there was nothing better than a big chocolaty/sugary treat from the boulangerie after all that sport. Boy was i wrong. They're way better on a Sunday afternoon  ;)

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