Tuesday, May 27, 2014

dear 25th year

Please be a good one.

So, yep, i'm 25. And not super happy about it right now. But the way i see it, i now have 364 days to change my mind about it! And it starts with a cute album i'll be making as the year goes by, inspired by the 52 weeks of art journaling class taught by Rachel Denbow over at A Beautiful Mess. Playing with paper is just the best, i can't believe i forgot that for a while!

I have some other cool projects planned for that 25th year, which i'm hoping to turn into The Year of Craft, since i've come to realize that basically not much makes me happier than creating stuff. I guess i'm getting wiser as i get older ha!

the fun detail: i am a massive letter thickers hoarder, yet i didn't have enough shapes and fonts in black, so i just picked alphas i liked and painted them all in black! I guess this is my version of "messy" art journaling, but hey, I try!


  1. You know what I always say? You'll never be as young again as you are today!

    Happy Birthday

  2. Happy birthday Lea! One saying came to mind as I read your post: "Do more of what makes you happy" :D you're on the right track it seems and I can't wait to see what you do with this album!