Friday, May 23, 2014

life right now - may 2014

loving playing with HTML and giving the blog a new look. #geek   
thinking about buying a sewing machine!  
eating the first summer fruits, i can't get enough watermelon and nectarines <3
wondering where i'll be same time next year 
listening to Hey Brother (Avicii) and All my Days (Alexi Murdoch) on repeat
enjoying the longer hours of daylight   
making crazy plans for the future, always. 
struggling with my birthday approaching. is there such a thing as a quarter life crisis?  
feeling inspired and creative.  
dreaming of a trip to Copenhagen  
finding it hard to wake up before 9.30 am (i try!)  
celebrating running again (and feeling better after each run!)
watching Game of thrones! #TeamTyrion 
hoping to find a job soon! 

* this list was inspired by the lovely journaling freebie card Ann-Marie Espinoza shared on her blog *


  1. Your blog is looking really good

    I hope you do find a job you love very soon

  2. The blog looks great! Also, I thought the episode with Tyrion on trial was unreal!!

    1. Peter Dinklage is such an amazing actor!!