Monday, May 12, 2014


The thing about getting into knitting is that you quickly become surrounded by yarn. Like, more yarn than you can probably knit. Mostly because of that thing that happen in all craft stores, when you look around and think "oh this is pretty! i'm sure i could do something with it". Well i chose to weave all that yarn.
It actually started ten years ago when my sister moved out and decided to throw that big cork board. I looked at it and knew there was something to do with it. So i saved it. And over the years i've used it to pin pretty stuff (remember before Pinterest?) and create photo collage of life, friends... And now, it's a weaving loom! 
Best part about the loom? It cost me nothing! I already had the board, already had the bobby pins, and for the thread used to start the weave? It's a pretty white kitchen string we have plenty of at home. And obviously, the yarn. The blue I just used as a color accent for a beanie so i had most of the skein left. The pink i just bought (who doesn't need pink yarn in her life?), and the white I have lots of because when i started knitting i thought "oh i'm sure i'm going to need plenty of white yarn" (i haven't made a single white knit yet...) So here they are, all the ingredients for a perfect weaving day. 
If you are anything like me, before the actual weaving, you will make sure to have a pretty Pinterest board full of inspiration, techniques, and beginners instructions to help you get started. Or you know, you can use mine ;). Time to have fun! Cool thing, you can't really mess up and drop a stitch like you would in knitting. As long as you think, hey i like this, then it's a success! I love fringes (or rya as they are apparently called) so i did a lot of those, and then lots of plain weaving, a bit too tight some times, but i'm ok with it. Last thing i did was secure the top of the weaving with a branch i found in the woods recently (cute, right?)
Now if you'll excuse me, i have some more weaving to do!


  1. This is really clever. I love how you made it with things you already had

  2. Bravo, je n'aurais pas pensé que ça fonctionnerait avec ces simples choses... merci!