Wednesday, June 11, 2014


On my 25th birthday i started working on a new mini album to record my thoughts on that special year, who i am and want to be, what i like and dream about and all the little details that make the everyday. I am following along with Rachel Denbow's class 52 weeks of art journaling (which is amazing!) and using a Dear Lizzy mini album along with a massive amount of scrap supplies i have been hoarding forever. In other words, i am not buying a single new thing to work on that album, which i am quite proud of :)
Here's a look of the first few pages (following the one you saw on that last post):

 Rule #1: JUST BE HAPPY. If there was only one word in the universe, i hope it would be happy. Or maybe love. tough call. I have been working on myself A LOT these past two years to become a more positive person and embrace the little joys we (I) tend to ignore, so i made sense to me to start with a page on that topic. I printed a grid of some of my instagram photos from the #100HAPPYDAYS challenge i am doing (getting close to 80 days, loving it and super happy to have seen many people join since. it's super fun!) for the left side and then had fun on the right side photos and words i found in a magazine, cut then glued on the cardstock. Neon pink washi seemed like a very obvious thing to add so i went with it, plus a pretty flower cut out from Dear Lizzy. The black dot transparency was part of the mini album and is super cute!

One of the class ideas was to recreate grids (like on Instagram) to make a page. My brain likes grid a lot so i went with it super gladly, and made a collage using various photos of my knitting (i'm obsessed!). I left a few squares empty and then had the idea of making it about my creative process (which really is also my life process i think). DREAM. MAKE. REPEAT. The right page was inspired by something i heard on a podcast. it's about an artist who's business card says "Hello my name is XXX and i am a _______ . She left a big blank that she could fill just before handing the card. I love that idea. Somedays i feel like a business graduate and some days like a crafter. Some days i am a sister, or an aunt, or a friend, maybe one day a mom. That's what this page is about. All the things that i am.

That next page was inspired by that gorgeous forest shot i found in an old magazine. It's wild and beautiful and i thought it deserved it's own spread. I added a few photos from my walks in the park near my own, along with an Amy Tangerine card and one of my favorite quote from Mark Twain. Words to live by that i'll leave you with for this month 


  1. This is starting SO well! I love how it is developing! I am 20 years away from your age (yikes!) and can not tell you how right Mark Twain was! ;) your time is the time to go on and explore and have fun!

  2. what an AMAZING idea! i just might have to try this. it looks like yours is turning out great so far!