Thursday, June 19, 2014


I have been trying to work on my archives lately and realized there was still a few layouts i haven't shared here. Including some of my favorite ones. So let's get back into the scrapbooking world alright?

This is probably my favorite layout design (well with this one ). The proof is, i've even used it before. Which i am perfectly ok with as long as the layouts end up in different albums.

Best part about this sketch is how simple and quickly it all came together: a 12x12 paper for the background, and then 4 papers from a 6x6 pad will do the charm. I think the best way to make them all work together (even though there are many different colors and patterns) is to stick to one collection (in this case,  Maggie Holmes). Then I added lots of kraft and brown since that was the main color of the photos. 

Also, i realize this is not the healthiest thing in the world, but I do think a starbucks + cupcakes combo makes for a very awesome breakfast.

So tell me, what are your go to layout designs when scrapbooking?


  1. I like starting at the top of the page and working down adding things until I reach the bottom. And a new favourite is a big broad horizontal piece of patterned paper as a starting point

  2. Gorgeous Lea - I love this layout design, and how you've offset the 4 squares just a little so it's not totally grid-like and symmetrical :) And I agree that Starbucks and cupcakes are pretty awesome as a breakfast combo! My go-to design is just to add lots and lots of layers under the photo and build from there. Most of my pages use one or two 4x6 prints. X

  3. I really like this page and don't think I have ever done one with this design... I don't typically get 6x6 pads. Love your title work too!