Friday, June 20, 2014

Life right now - June 2014

loving my walks to the park, listening to podcasts.   
thinking about getting rid of more stuff. less is more.
eating apricots and watermelon. i love summer.
wondering where do they all belong  
listening to Blood (The Middle East), Chances (Athlete) and All of me (John Legend)
enjoying my art journal. paper is the best!
making a massive multicolor crochet blanket.
struggling with motivation to write cover letters. ironic right?   
feeling way too tired after a party and a few bottles of rosé. am i too old for that s***?  
dreaming of a life by the lake. 
finding time to do the important stuff.  
celebrating the sunny days with picnics by the Seine.
watching Grey's Anatomy and crying way too much .
hoping i'll find my McDreamy.


  1. That's a good list, I need to get rid of a lot of stuff. I like your blog!


  2. Catching up on some of your posts Léa and love this one. I adore these 'currently' kind of posts and think it's about time I did one for my blog too :)
    P.S. I also love Grey's Anatomy, so addictive!
    P.P.S. Can we search for our McDreamys together? :)

    1. those posts are super fun, especially a while later, looking back at all of them!
      ps: definitely, i'll be ok with a cute Irish guy if you see one :D