Thursday, June 26, 2014

yarn along

Today i am joining in with Ginny from Small Things and so many other crafters to share about two things that i love a lot. One is knitting. The other one, reading. And here is what it looks like right now:

On my needles: The Juliet Tee, by We are knitters. The front side has been ready for a while now, and i just started working on the back side. Super simple, just rows after rows of seed stitch for now (my favorite!). The yarn is pima cotton in the loveliest and "summeriest" shade of blue, called aquamarine. It would be the perfect top to wear on the beach when it's too windy for just a dress. All i need is to finish it. Then go to the beach. Hopefully before summer ends.

On my bookshelf: The latest Mollie Makes, which is so far my very favorite craft magazine. I love that there is always a very wide range of project, plus lots of inspiration and cool interviews with crafty people. Even the cover is dreamy! Feel good magazine if there ever was one. And for the more serious days: Stone Junction. I've had this book for at least 5 years and in an effort to read the books in my library (you know, as opposed to buying new ones every week but not reading any), i picked it up last week. it's pretty big but a quick read, so that's awesome!

What about you? What's on your needles, or your Kindle, or your Amazon wishlist? 


  1. Right in front of me as I type I can see my own copy of Mollie Makes sitting beside my big crochet blanket which I have nearly finished.

    Your blue seed stitch is beautiful

  2. Hi Lea!!! The first winner from the photography giveaway on my blog never emailed me so I chose another winner and you are the lucky one!!! Send me your info and I will send it over to Lindsey! Congrats!! Stephanie

  3. It looks very nice the color and the project, I'll check that magazine out!

  4. The yarn looks great! Love the colors! :)