Monday, July 14, 2014

Knitting: The Big Pile

So, I like to make stuff. As in, lots of. I find something cute, start working on it, then find something else, get a start on it too, and you know where this leads us: a big pile of work in progress. It's honestly not a big surprise if you know me. I have about 15 books near my bed, still waiting to be open or finished. I'm working on 4 different scrapbook albums and my loom board is gathering dust. I am the worst at finishing things. The worst is, it's in my blood I think, because many people in my family are the same. And I sort of feel guilty about it, but clearly not enough to actually motivate me. So the hope is, now that I know that you know, the pressure will be a bit bigger ;)

A few details maybe? Well of course. Here's what i am working on:

1// My bobble sweater. This one if actually done, as in wearable. But i had issue with my cast off around the neckline. it's really not pretty and i know i should re do it, but it means i have joined all these parts for nothing, will have to do it all over and it's really not my favorite part...

2// My Diana Sweater. It's missing a sleeve, which is quite unfortunate right. Very little knitting to do, but a lot of joining and sewing.

3// My Juliet Tee. The front is done. And I've started the back. I'm definitely working on this one, it's just that seed stitch takes forever. But it's so pretty right?!

4// The big crochet blanket. So much fun. I work on it here & there, one color at a time. Should be done in time for winter hopefully (even though i sort of thought i could use it as a picnic blanket!)

5// The cabled snood. I'm excited about this one, the yarn is just so pretty. The pattern changes every row though, so it's more of a slow meticulous project. I know i was right to start a winter knit in the summer, 6 months should do it!

So, wish me luck? 
Now if you'll excuse me, i'm waiting for the mail, i've ordered two gorgeous skeins of Malabrigo for a scarf i promised a friend I'd make! ;)


  1. this is such a beautiful photo of your knitting pile.

  2. Lovely! I see so many great knitting photos that inspire me. Perhaps I should learn... :)