Friday, July 25, 2014

Life right now - July 2014

loving the postcards i've been receiving (thanks to Sian awesome Postcard Exchange idea!)  
thinking about going to the beach for a day or so.
eating pizza. yum.
wondering if i'll ever feel comfortable wearing crop tops. they're so pretty though!
listening to Where does the good go? 
enjoying my current minimalist obsession. empty shelves are so full of promise.
making plans for the next 3 weeks. i have the house for myself!
struggling with the very very hot weather that makes my train rides to Paris nightmarish!    
feeling excited for a friend's visit! it's been 2 years since we were on the same continent!  
dreaming of a trip to Denmark! 
finding a lot of very cool new blogs and IG feed to follow. the internet is magic <3 
celebrating with Rosé! Summer is nice this way.
watching Shetland! it's an awesome BBC show very similar to Broadchurch only without David Tennant and in Scotland. and everyone's wearing amazing knitted garments!
hoping i'll finish the scarf on time!


  1. I'm glad your postcards are starting to arrive :) I had a few waiting for me when we got back on Wednesday too. Love that blue knitting..what a gorgeous colour

  2. Love this list! And some of my postcards have arrived too, it's so exciting! Hope you enjoy the rest of July. I'm actually coming to France next week - the south though, Nice! Xx

  3. I too am loving getting the postcards. Such fun to get happy mail!

  4. Thank you so much for my card :)