Wednesday, August 6, 2014

52 weeks of art journaling - TWO

On my 25th birthday i started working on a new mini album to record my thoughts on that special year, who i am and want to be, what i like and dream about and all the little details that make the everyday. I am following along with Rachel Denbow's class 52 weeks of art journaling (which is amazing!) and using a Dear Lizzy mini album along with a massive amount of scrap supplies i have been hoarding forever. Here's a look at some recent pages:

LOOK UP/LOOK DOWN is something I like to do when i am out taking photographs. It's a fun way to change your perspective and see things differently I think. But in my everyday life I am more of a look down walk fast kind of girl. Which is so bad because you know, the sky is so pretty and full of possibilities. Also, if you're wondering, those blue stitches are supposed to be stars yes :) On the left i just found a cute photo from a magazine and wrote on it with a sharpie. 

Next is my Summer 2014 Happy List. I got the idea from this post by Julia Paige just after watching the prettiest loveliest movie i've seen in a while. It's called Begin Again (or New York Melody if you're in France) and it's about love and music. Seriously, go see it :)
Other things that have been making me happy lately would be knitting, reading before bed, quiet days, happy mail and dancing. What about you?

One last spread, following a prompt from the class. What do you want? What do you need? I'm pretty sure happiness lies somewhere in the middle. Simplest page i've done so far. A piece of paper, a black pen. I really like it :)

Want to see more pages? There is some here and here!


  1. Your art journal is looking amazing Léa, I just love it! I saw Begin Again a few weeks ago and it is just so lovely - glad you enjoyed it too. I loved how it wasn't a typical rom-com and the music was brilliant in it. Looking forward to seeing more of this album! xx

  2. So cool, I wish had the energy to be that creative, but you know... the sun and everything.

    / Avy

  3. Another movie recommendation :) Your pages are very lovely

  4. These are fantastic and so personal! I love the textures and look of the Happy list! I feel inspired :)

  5. Wow, love your journal pages! I so admire everyone who keeps up with journaling, I've often tried and couldn't stick with it. Beautiful!